IRIG-B Analyzer

IRIG-B Analyzer

Product Information

With Tekron’s IRIG-B Analyzer there is no need to use oscilloscopes or complex systems, saving those extra callouts and repeat trips to your substation.

Decode and validate IRIG-B timing signals

The IRIG-B Analyzer decodes and validates IRIG-B timing signals displaying the decoded IRIG-B information such as time, date, quality, control functions and extensions, binary seconds, waveforms RMS voltage. With multi-level signal support, the IRIG-B Analyzer enables accurate on-site fault diagnosis through a hand-held, rugged, battery operated form factor.

Tekron has taken this one step further when paired with the ScopeApp™ via Wireless Technology. Tekron’s ScopeApp™ is a revolutionary and easy to use IRIG-B oscilloscope application software for Android smart devices that utilises the enhanced processor and screen capabilities of your smartphone to decode and graph IRIG-B signals when wirelessly connected to the IRIG-B Analyzer. The hands-free, wireless connection allows the user to take multiple captures with ease. With the additional capability to email recorded captures, the files can be shared with multiple support personnel back at base, thereby allowing for detailed remote analysis and on the spot resolution.

The Chronos difference

If you want to learn more about the PTP Translator or find out how it can be used in your installations, contact our specialist team who will be happy to help.

Key Features

  • Multi level signal support
  • Handheld ruggedised exterior
  • 2.5” backlit display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Battery powered
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Wireless technology