Isolated Timing Repeater ITR

Isolated Timing Repeater ITR

Product Information

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of time synchronisation

Tekron’s Isolated Timing Repeater is a compact DIN rail mountable signal repeater that performs a number of tasks including converting time sync signals, boosting signal strengths and converting one type of signal to another. The ITR is completely electrically isolated and it will provide your Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) with an additional layer of electrical protection.

Adding Isolation

When a fault occurs and breakers trip in a substation, the electrical interference can disrupt signals. That could be exactly the moment you need your timing network to be up and running so you have an accurate sequence of events. The solution is isolation which gives perfect electrical isolation between the cabinets, protecting against earth fault conditions or cabinet related electrical faults. With fibre being used outside of the cabinets, any radiated noise on the IRIG-B signals is eliminated, reducing the chance of timing errors due to corrupt IRIG-B signals.

The final benefit is that the master clock can be much simpler, with only a few outputs required to sync an entire installation. This reduces the master clock cost and removes multiple long cable runs from the clock, making for a tidy cable tray.

Key Features

  • Extend the distance of an IRIG-B or Pulse signal
  • Provide isolation between A & B Protection Systems or between IEDs
  • Converts a TTL signal from copper to fibre / fibre to copper
  • Converts a TTL signal to a digital High Voltage MOSFET signal
  • Reduces wiring to panels of equipment


The Chronos difference

If you want to learn more about the ITR or find out how it can be used in your installations, contact our specialist team who will be happy to help.