GLI-HangarM1 GPS Repeater

GLI-HangarM GPS Repeater Kit

Product Information

GLI-HangarM1 GPS Repeater from Chronos’ partner GPS Source enables ongoing installation, testing and troubleshooting of aircraft GPS navigation systems whilst inside the aviation MRO hangar eliminating maintenance delays due to inclement weather or the moving of aircraft. Maintenance efficiencies are immediate as accessibility to work on the GPS navigation becomes possible at any time without moving aircraft outside thereby significantly saving manpower and associated costs. Chronos, who has been designing and installing GNSS systems for over 30 years, can also provide a complete installation service for military or civilian applications.

In addition, the GLI-HangarM1 GPS Repeater can be configured with a smart GPS controller, which continuously self-tests for any problems – detecting open circuits, faulty antennas, inadequate satellite coverage, oscillation, or internal component issues.

System includes:

  • METRO GPS Smart amplifier
  • Passive antenna
  • Active antenna
  • Swivel & pole mount
  • COPRO surge protector (optional)
  • 3 ft (.9m) C240 coaxial cable
  • Up to 100 ft (30.48m) C240 coaxial cable

Available Options:

  • Power Supply AC & DC
  • Filter L1/L2 (please specify)

More information:

Chronos GPS Repeater Solution for Bombardier’s Super Hangar

The Chronos difference

Chronos has over 30 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of GPS repeating equipment for both military and civilian applications around the world. Please contact our expert team who will be pleased to help with product advice and installation best practice.

Key Features

  • Precise operator control over output signal level
  • Automatic gain control (locked in power level)
  • Oscillation detection/mitigation
  • Always On or On/Off Option