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Chronos GPS Repeater in Bombardier Hangar

Product Information

Reduce hassle, save time and money, and protect the integrity of your GNSS signal with indoor GNSS GPS repeater technology.

GPS repeaters bring GNSS signals indoors, whether that’s into your aircraft hangar, production line, fire and rescue facility, or into an aircraft or other kind of vehicle. They mean that any GNSS signal – whether GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou – can be kept live at all times, almost anywhere.

So you can improve efficiencies by performing any testing, calibration or research that involves GPS satellite signals indoors. And you can use portable GPS repeaters to provide satellite signals inside vehicles, including aircraft and other mission-critical appliances in the field.

Convenient and Efficient

Save time and money in your operations by using a GPS satellite signal repeater to bring positioning data to where it’s needed. You can perform product testing and research in a hangar, on the production or assembly line far more easily and at much lower cost.

Eliminate Time To First Fix (TTFF) for your aircraft when leaving the hangar. And carry out essential maintenance work without leaving the safety of your maintenance building, or moving aircraft in and out.

Keep Track of Critical Resources

GPS repeater technology is essential for portable field applications, such as military, and aircraft. It maintains situational awareness (SA) with accurate reporting of users’ locations, even from inside vehicles. You can support military free fall, HALO and HAHO4. And it also reduces battery consumption on individual users’ mobile devices.

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The Chronos Difference

You get access to unrivalled knowledge and experience in the design and installation of GPS repeating systems for both civilian and military applications around the world. Our experienced Team is here to help, contact them today.