L1 GPS Repeater System

L1 GPS Repeater Assembly

Product Information

The GPSRKL1 GPS Repeater System from GPS Source is a low power GPS frequency repeater for bringing the GPS signal inside buildings and is fully customisable to suit your application.

The GPS amplifier system operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the structure/building/hangar, bringing the signal inside or under a covered space.

This solution is ideal for applications that need to test GNSS or GPS systems such as training facilities, workshops, test laboratories, or production / assembly lines. If used in an authorised way, GPS repeating can enable greater efficiencies in working practice and a significant cost saving over specialised test equipment by bringing the live sky signal inside buildings.

The GPS signal can be repeated (or re-radiated) using variable gain controlled amplifiers to anywhere in a hangar / building / workshop so that even quite large indoor spaces or shadowed areas can receive the signal.  For large areas or multiple room scenarios, a combination of GPS splitters can be used to provide total coverage using a single external GPS antenna. For further information, contact our expert team who will be happy to assist you.

The Chronos difference

Chronos has over 30 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience in the design and installation of GPS repeating solutions for both military and civilian applications around the world. Please contact our expert team who will be pleased to help with product advice and installation best practice.

Key Features

  • Frequency response for GPS L1
  • 30dB gain
  • Flatness less than 1.0dB
  • Current draw less than 14mA
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 85oC