HNRRKIT L1 GPS Repeater – Chronos Technology

Product Information

GPS Networking’s HNRRKIT hangar GPS repeater kit is a complete GPS repeating system that enables retransmission of the GPS L1 signal indoors. The system comprises an active roof antenna, a GPS reradiating amplifier with a wall mount plug-in transformer that powers the entire system, and an L1 passive repeating antenna. The GPS L1 signal from the roof antenna is amplified, adjusted appropriately and radiated indoors. Ideal to bring GPS inside buildings including production/assembly lines, fire & rescue stations and commercial and military hangars.

Please note that the pictured antenna mounts and cable are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Amplified roof antenna
  • Gain ≥ 35dB
  • Repeating amplifier with power supply
  • Typical gain 30dB
  • Optional mounting kit hardware
  • Roof antenna mount & repeating amp mount
  • Variable Gain Option
  • Reradiating amp gain varies from 0 to +30 dB