GPS Antenna Hoods

GPS Antenna Hood

Product Information

To conduct comprehensive end-to-end testing of GPS systems, it is imperative to incorporate the application’s receiving antenna into the testing process. The GPS Antenna Hood (GPSRH) from GPS Source offers a cost-effective alternative to full-scale screen rooms or anechoic chambers, providing the essential GPS signals to the receive antenna of your application.

By working in tandem with an outdoor active antenna and a coaxial cable, the GPS Antenna Hood effectively delivers signals to the application under evaluation, facilitating thorough testing procedures.

Available in three sizes (please specify size when enquiring: 5″ /  8.5″ and 24″) you can cut the cost of a full-blown screen room or chamber, as the GPSRH Antenna Hood will supply your application’s receive antenna with the necessary GPS signals.

The Chronos difference

Chronos has over 30 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of GPS repeating equipment for both military and civilian applications around the world. Please contact our expert team who will be pleased to help with product advice and installation best practice.

Key Features

  • Enclosed environment, eliminating the need for a GPS repeater
  • L1 and L1/L2 versions available
  • Optional 0-30dB Variable Attenuation
  • Available in 5in. 8.5in and 24in internal hood diameters
  • Standard eccosorb SF 1.5 lining