We have been involved in GPS and other GNSS for both timing and position for many years but these signals do not really penetrate indoors. A range of wireless technologies are now available that allow asset tracking and RTLS – Real Time Location Services – both inside and outside your facility.

For manufacturing and industrial sites this could be to track work in progress (WIP) and finished goods (yes, cars do get lost on car production lines!), raw materials, high value jigs and tools, and plant and machinery both indoors and out.

Warehousing and storage have similar requirements mostly indoors, and knowing the location of essential equipment such as beds, defibrillators and wheelchairs can make a huge difference in hospitals and hospitality. Wheelchair location in airports is particularly important – there have been too many stories of wheelchair users sitting on a plane for hours while the airport finds a wheelchair.

A range of technologies can provide answers to various levels of accuracy and frequency, such as:

“It’s in this room”
“It’s just moved”
“It’s in Bin X on Level Y of Rack Z”

As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Chronos has a range of technologies to suit many use cases – with the capability to supply, install, commission and integrate hardware and software platforms to deliver the right solution for your asset tracking and RTLS needs.

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