A particular use case for Asset Tracking and Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is in warehousing. Ultra-Wideband Radio technologies can deliver position to within 50cm in three dimensions; giving real time actions for picking and onward processing in a smart warehouse.

Allying this with a dedicated management platform can support you in your drive for increased efficiency and productivity, thus driving energy usage and costs down – increasing your sustainability and ultimately your profitability.

Integrating automated systems into a Smart Warehouse offers a large amount of real-time operational data for monitoring and managing the warehouse. It provides an opportunity to cross reference and link this data to give yourself a holistic view of your operation. In addition, there is the potential to view your complete supply chain from incoming delivery to final destination at the customers’ premises.

Smart sensor technology enables you to monitor and analyse your warehouse’s indoor and outdoor locations and the activity of your mobile assets such as forklifts, pallet trucks, automated guided vehicles (AGV), roll cages, pallets, containers, tools, and operators.You can view and act upon this information to improve both the efficiency and safety of your operations.

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