SubWAVE Underground GNSS Coverage

Product Information

SubWAVE solution from Syntony extends the precision of underground GNSS from zone based positioning to an accurate one, with the same precision as outside GPS/GNSS.  In very long tunnels a zone based location system may not be sufficient.  Some operations need to locate an asset with accuracy (train or engineer), or the position where repairs need to be made.  This level of precision is made possible by the deployment of SubWAVE Continuous to simulate positions along the cable, providing a precise location.

A future-proof investment, the core of SubWAVE Continuous is its software, ensuring full compatibility and operability regardless of future new constellations, satellites and codes. SubWAVE Continuous runs on the same hardware as SubWAVE Zone ensuring perfect system upgrades when required.

Groundbreaking technology for subterranean locations

The SubWAVE product emits a signal similar to standard GPS/GNSS enabling all existing and future chipsets to operate in subterranean locations. SubWAVE is the only solution worldwide which has this capability.

Enabling GNSS-based fleet monitoring in covered bus terminals

The new Haninge Bus Terminal south of Stockholm has been equipped with SubWAVE GPS Coverage Extension. The installation enables full seamless continuity of GPS-based monitoring for bus traffic and enables very accurate passenger information, so commuters can plan their journey directly from the feed on the SL website and smartphone app, along with navigating inside the bus terminal with ease.


  • Plug and play installation in DAS infrastructure used by cellular or PMR
  • No interference with train control or telecoms systems
  • No receiver or server modification
  • Compliant with existing PMR/TETRA receivers
  • Seamless transition with the outdoor/indoor
  • Does not require an App to be installed on the smartphone

The Chronos difference

Contact our team today to discuss how the groundbreaking Syntony SubWAVE solution can provide 100% GPS GNSS coverage in subterranean locations.

Key Features

  • From 3 up to 6 RF outputs
  • Extensive options
  • Full time and location control
  • PVT definition for each zone with positioning precision along the leaky feeder
  • Emission power for each zone
  • Synchronisation control with outdoor GNSS at << 1 microsecond
  • Alarm monitoring
  • GPS redundancy
  • Front LED error status
  • Extractable SSD drive for higher and easy maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance