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The capabilities of GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System. constellations and augmentation systems such as SBAS 2 SBAS = Satellite Based Augmentation Systems has provided more options as well as more complexity than ever before. As GNSS receivers are built into more devices, manufacturers and developers need better ways to guarantee their performance under any condition.

Expanding satellite fleets and SBAS enhancements on several continents provide opportunities to push receiver performance (from TTFF 3 TTFF = Time to First Fix  to accuracy and stability) to unequalled levels. At the same time, navigation security and vehicle automation objectives make integrating position and velocity information an even more crucial component of overall system success. But more constellations, more frequencies, more modulations and more codes make developing and testing of current and future receivers a more demanding task. In addition, for some applications, the risks of jamming and spoofing during the service life of a receiver are higher than ever and require developing and testing of complex remediation strategies

This is why SyntonyGNSS designed the Constellator multi-constellation GNSS simulator which is capable of transmitting the same exact data as GNSS satellites while also having the ability to change a wide variety of test parameters from the test bench.

Assessed by specialists worldwide, Constellator has demonstrated the best fidelity and signal quality on the market, even for space-borne trajectory simulations.

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